Accepted contributed talks


DLP-based cryptosystems with Pell cubics.
Simone Dutto

Genus Distribution of Random q-ary Lattices.
Peter Bruin, Léo Ducas and Shane Gibbons

On the feasibility of computing constructive Deuring correspondence.
Yuta Kambe, Yasushi Takahashi, Masaya Yasuda, Kazuhiro Yokoyama

On Elliptic Curve L-Functions Integrated Encryption Scheme.
Sami Omar, Abdulla Eid

On the key generation in SQISign.
Hiroshi Onuki

Deterministic factoring with oracles and almost smooth numbers.
Robert Dryło, Jacek Pomykała

Subfield Algorithms for Ideal and Module-SVP Based on the Decomposition Group.
Christian Porter, Andrew Mendelsohn, Cong Ling

Fast Computation of the Octic Residue Symbol.
Marc Joye

A computational approach of the Riemann hypothesis.
Sami Omar, Raouf Ouni

Covering Radius and First Minima Bound on Diagonally Dominant Lattices in the l-norm.
Andrea Lesavourey, Kazuhide Fukushima